Solidor Vs Rockdoor Vs Endurance Doors: Top Door Brands Compared

Solidor Vs Rockdoor Vs Endurance Doors: Top Door Brands Compared

Compare Solidor, Rockdoor, and Endurance Doors on price, security, thermal efficiency, and customisation options. Make an informed choice for your home.

Comparing Costs: Solidor vs. Rockdoor vs. Endurance Doors

All three of these composite doors are considered to be premium products; therefore, they all carry premium prices. Prices will vary depending on the supplier, but as a rough guide, a plain white half-glazed Rockdoor, Solidor, or Endurance Door start from around £1,400, including installation and VAT.

We'll discuss the options for all three composite doors later, but it's important to note that accessories like bar handles, AV2 locks, and fancy glass designs can significantly increase the overall cost.

While one brand may be slightly more expensive or cheaper than another, they're all in the same ballpark price-point, so this shouldn't greatly influence your decision on which door brand to choose.

Securing Your Home: How Solidor, Rockdoor, and Endurance Doors Measure Up

Solidor doors come with a 48mm timber sash and a range of high-security locking mechanisms, ensuring your door stands up to potential break-ins. Rockdoor has a 50mm sash and employs its patented S-Glaze technology along with aluminium reinforcement for superior strength and security. Meanwhile, Endurance Doors has a 48mm sash, featuring a 3-star cylinder lock and a unique moisture barrier system that enhances both security and durability.

In terms of meeting industry standards, all three doors are Secured by Design certified, which means they've passed stringent testing requirements set by the police for home security. It's worth noting that whilst all three doors are Secured By Design certified, they need options and extras to achieve that.

It's crucial to consider not just the door itself but also additional security features like anti-snap cylinders, multipoint locking systems, and laminated glass. Each brand offers a variety of these add-ons, allowing you to customise your door's security level to meet your specific needs.

However, Rockdoor with its aluminium reinforcing, steel reinforced outer-frame, one-piece keep and a 25mm throw robust Winkhaus locking mechanism in my opinions stand head and shoulders above Solidor and Endurance Doors for security.

Winner: Rockdoor composite doors offer the highest security rating and should be number one if security is your priority.

Energy Efficiency: Rockdoor Leads the Way

While all three brands—Solidor, Rockdoor, and Endurance Doors—offer thermally efficient doors, Rockdoor sets itself apart by providing detailed energy ratings. Specifically, Rockdoor doors can achieve up to an A-rated energy rating depending on specification such as backing glass and threshold type, offering you the best in thermal insulation and energy savings.

In contrast, Solidor and Endurance Doors do not publicly disclose specific energy ratings for their products. However, it's worth noting that premium composite doors are generally designed to be thermally efficient, aiding in reducing your energy bills.

Choosing a door with an excellent energy rating like Rockdoor's A-rated options ensures you're getting the most out of your investment, both in terms of security and energy savings.

Customisation Options: A Spectrum of Choices Across Brands

When it comes to customszation, all three brands—Rockdoor, Solidor, and Endurance Doors—offer an impressive array of options to make your door uniquely yours. However, each has its own strengths and weaknesses in this area.

Colour & Style Variety

Solidor leads the pack with over 30 door styles and 20 available colours. Close behind are Endurance Doors, offering over 30 styles and 19 colours. Rockdoor, while offering fewer options, still provides a respectable range of 13 colours and 28 styles.

Accessories & Furniture

Both Solidor and Endurance Doors outshine Rockdoor when it comes to the variety of accessories and furniture colours available. However, it's worth noting that Rockdoor's standard handle quality is far superior to the default options provided by Solidor and Endurance.

Conclusion: Why Rockdoor Stands Out in a Competitive Market

When weighing your options between Solidor, Rockdoor, and Endurance Doors, it's clear that all three brands offer premium-quality composite doors with various customization choices.

However, Rockdoor takes a unique approach to engineering that sets it apart. Its patented S-Glaze technology, capable of achieving up to an A-rated energy efficiency score, offers superior thermal performance. Moreover, Rockdoor's focus on high-level security features, including aluminium reinforcement, positions it as a frontrunner in keeping your home safe and secure.

So, while the three brands offer similar price points and a myriad of styles and colours, Rockdoor's commitment to innovative engineering, unmatched security, and quality makes it a standout choice for those looking to invest in a premium composite door.

It's not just about aesthetic appeal but about a holistic approach to safety, durability, and energy efficiency that makes Rockdoor a compelling choice for discerning homeowners.

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