About Us

Verysecuredoors was setup in 2012 by myself (Jim) having fit numerous Rockdoors for another company and I decided that I would set up my own business (Verysecuredoors) and concentrate on just fitting Rockdoors. I went on to be one of the most prolific individual Rockdoor installers in the country having fit over 500 of these doors by about 2015 and finding that another pair of hands was needed, I took on my son Josh who was, fortunately, just leaving school at the time. We have now gone on to fit 100s more Rockdoors between us throughout the Derby, Nottingham and the Midlands area. Throughout this time we were often asked to fit Solidor composite doors but had always said no because we were so busy fitting Rockdoors but recently, in 2018, we decided that we could reduce the amount of travelling by adding another brand to the portfolio and turn down jobs that were considered too far away due to traffic congestion which was now being a major consideration for long distance installations so by adding that second brand we could get the same amount of work without having to travel as far as we once did.

Having just brought Solidor on board which has really started to prove more than worthwhile, we were often asked if we could get any doors that were almost as good as Rockdoor and Solidor but without the premium price, so we decided that whilst it was not a priority and if the right door supplier came along we would consider trialing their doors to see how thing went. We were very pleased with the quality and prices of these new composite doors, so pleased that we have added this range to the website so now we can offer two first class premium composite doors in Rockdoor & Solidor with a third solid core composite door (very similar to a Solidor but far more competitive price wise. It even uses the same Ultion cylinder as a Solidor) and we have also just added a fourth range in the form of Rocal Endurance doors so now we have a door to suit almost every budget.

One door we don’t really install is a uPVC door as we don’t consider these doors to come under the framework of being a very secure door although if a customer would like one, we can supply and fit one but generally we can supply one of the value composite doors for not much more than a decent uPVC door so it’s a no brainer really which to go for.

Over 1,000 Composite Doors Installed

We now have well over 1,000 door installations to our name now and are often asked by employees of Rockdoor to install their own door for them. It is not unusual for the phone to ring and be told that they have just spoken to someone at Rockdoor and that “You are the men to speak to regarding an installation…”. We have fitted doors for people who are very well known and don’t want anything other than a good door with a first class service but complete anonymity. Verysecuredoors take many photos of their installations but sometimes the customer request that no mentions or any photos on social media whatsoever so we completely respect those wishes.

Jim and Josh can’t stress enough about getting a reputable installer for your new door as we get at least two calls a month from people who have had doors installed where things haven’t gone too well and that the company that had fitted their door had done a bad job and now have disappeared on them leaving the customer with a good door but badly fitted. A good door badly fitted actually becomes a bad door. Sometimes we can help out where possible but often the workload prevents being able to and it’s not nice to see someone who has paid out a lot of money for a premium door only to be let down by an installer who didn’t know what they were doing.

Free Quote with a Door Design and Price

We also have a fairly unique way of working. We prefer to send out quotes initially by email to begin with having asked the customer which door they would like and where possible send them a picture of their current door and from that we can send out a quote for the door along with the design of the door and the price including VAT and installation. If the customer is happy with the price we will then go and do a survey, go through the features for the door and send an email confirmation back to the customer. If the customer decides to proceed then we will order the door and arrange an installation date. If they don’t confirm then we don’t order a door. Simple and stress free for everyone involved. Not once has Verysecuredoors ever phoned up a customer to talk them into placing an order. Ever. Not once.

We cover most installations around the Midlands area and have a contact in Wakefield who we pass work onto who we have known and worked with for years who can cover some of the jobs that are too far for us to cover so if you live within 40 miles of Wakefield then ask Jim if he will put you in contact with Wayne too see if he can service your area. It is something we have done for years and works really well.

Composite Door Quote

If you would like a quote for a Rockdoor, Solidor, Rocal Endurance door or a Solid core composite door then please email us or fill out the form below and tell us your requirements and if possible send us a picture of the existing door so that we can send you back a design with a very accurate price.

All doors we supply and fit are CERTASS registered. Learn more about CERTASS
All doors we supply and fit come with an insurance backed guarantee by QANW. Learn More about QANW