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Verysecuredoors have been fitting Rockdoors for over 7 years. We have a wealth of experience with Rockdoors and other types of composite doors, fitting many different types of brands. We only want to fit quality composite doors and as a result through our 10 years experience, we offer Solidor and Rockdoor which are both composite doors and are incredibly advanced in technology, ensuring the best security, style and thermal efficiency ratings of any composite door you can buy today. Our wealth of experience with these doors along with our meticulous attention to detail and first-class service 

Rockdoor and Solidor Installers across the Midlands

We are an Approved Trusted Rockdoor Installer for Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Cheshire, Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield. We have fitted over 1000 composite doors over the past 5 years, including Solidor who are becoming very popular with their vast range of door designs and large number of colours and accessories. Both Rockdoor and Solidor set new standards on what was before impossible, especially regarding the security and thermal aspects of the door. Ultimately, Rockdoor and Solidor combined ensure that we can cater for everyones taste and style whilst providing the highest security and thermal efficiency with a first class service.

Rockdoor Vermont Haze

From £970 including VAT and installation

Solidor Composite Door

From £950 including VAT and installation

French Rockdoors

French Composite Rockdoors

From £2,125 including VAT and installation

Rockdoor Stable Doors

Stable Composite Rockdoors

From £1,100 including VAT and installation

Why choose us to fit your new Composite Door?

Rockdoor Verysecuredoors review

- Approved Trusted Installer, over 10 years experience with composite doors.

- Small family business who offer the highest standards of installation, cleanliness and service.

- Very low overheads mean you save money against other big companies.

- NO sales people to deal with, no pressure, no hassle, no phone calls every 5 minutes.

- CERTASS Registered (similar to FENSA) who check our work yearly.

- 10 year guarantee on all doors we fit.

- Building Regulation Certificate issued through CERTASS with every composite door installed.

- Insurance backed Guarantee with every composite door fitted.

- No deposit, payment upon completion.

- We leave no mess and the old door and frame is taken away.

- Quick lead times for the composite doors we supply and fit.

- Friendly and VERY polite service and after care.

Why Choose Solidor

Solidor doors are incredibly advanced. We can supply and fit anything Solidor offer and they are a joy to install for us. Having fitted generic composite doors that are all round cheap and flimsy, Solidors are heavy, robust and come with an excellent security rating in comparison. We added Solidor to our website in Mid-2018, there are several reasons why.

A lot of people compare Rockdoor and Solidor, and ask which is best. They are both fantastic doors which is why we supply and fit both. This year (2018), we got asked numerous times if we supply and fit Solidors, from new and previous customers, not because they are better, more secure, cheaper or more thermal efficient, but because they offer something different that Rockdoor don’t offer, such as a door design, glass design, a certain colour or accessory. We visited Solidor and inspected their doors for quality before deciding to add them to our website and we left Solidor very impressed. The range of customisation is leagues above a Rockdoor, colours, designs and accessories, you name it, they offer more. Offering both Rockdoor and Solidor enables us to ensure we can supply you with your perfect new door, wether that is a Rockdoor or Solidor.

Solidor manufacture quality doors that are heavy and provide your home with the very best thermal insulation and security, as well as making your house stand out from the rest. Solidors are made in Stoke-On-Trent and feature a solid timber core that measures 48mm thick. They come with a wide array of locking mechanisms and options, including the Ultion 11-pin lock, these are the most advanced lock of its type. It has two anti-snap sections on the external side of the lock, if both sections are somehow snapped, the Ultion lock engages Lockdown mode, this fires a pin into the cam to lock it, however, the lock is still fully functional from inside, even when a key is left inside the lock. This combined with anti bump, anti pick and anti drill make it the most secure lock you can get.

Another great feature of a Solidor is what they call Lock-Lock, adding an extra level of security, this locks the spindle between the internal and external handle to ensure that if someone manages to get past your lock, the spindle is locked in place and the latch/hooks cannot be disengaged.

Like Rockdoor, Solidors are designed to last a very long time and having seen some Solidors that have been in several years, they look and operate exactly the same as they did on day on.

Why Choose Rockdoor

Having fit about eight different types of composite doors over the last 10 years from various manufacturers, the one composite door that always impressed was the Rockdoor. Every Rockdoor we receive is packaged properly so there is little chance of it being received damaged which is very important for you as a customer. These Rockdoors are incredible. Rockdoors are known best for their toughness and strength, with the article back in 2004, ‘The Door that beat the Bobbies’ which of course, was a Rockdoor. Local police were unable to break through the Rockdoor.

Every aspect of these Rockdoors ooze quality. All the components that go into making a Rockdoor are of the best quality available and the finish for handles and letterboxes look like they belong in a jewellers glass case rather than on a Rockdoor. Rockdoors are the Rolls-Royce of composite doors. In fact, all doors. The finish of the Rockdoor face is superb. Rockdoor use a very hard wearing compressed uPVC finish that is very resistant to scratches meaning that your new Rockdoor will look good for the years to come. I must say of the 800+ Rockdoors we have fitted, I’ve not known of any to be scratched by cats or dogs which is reassuring to those with pets and a great credit to Rockdoor.

Rockdoors use traditional butt hinges instead of surface mounted hinges, which can have a tendency to drop and move, especially with a heavy door like a Rockdoor. Not only are the Rockdoor hinges designed to take the weight of the door, but they are 3D adjustable, this enables great adjustability for the smallest of adjustments. The locking mechanism on the Rockdoor is about as robust as you can get. You can have 2 or 4 hooks (sometimes 3 hooks depending on door height) which lock into a one piece lock-keep on the frame, combined with a made-to-measure inner frame on the Rockdoor, ensures the door cannot be forced open. A lot of composite doors are light weight in construction. Having had the door slab reduced to get the height and width required the majority of the door is then just condensed foam with a door skin either side. Compared like for like (solid door with no glass in) I would estimate that a Rockdoor is at least 30% heavier than other composite doors I have handled. As a customer you wouldn’t be aware of the weight as the Rockdoor is usually on hinges and fitted before you get a feel of the door so you never get to feel the full weight of the door.

When choosing Rockdoors over other door suppliers I went back to the Rockdoors we had installed and was pleasantly surprised at just how well they looked having been fitted up to 4 years previous. To be honest they looked just as good as they did the day they were installed and having spoke to various customers it was evident that they were still highly delighted with their Rockdoor years later. As an installer, once you have fitted a Rockdoor for someone you seldom see that person again unless you are called to either adjust a door or do extra work. The last thing you want as an installer or a customer is a product that creates problems down the line.

One other thing worth mentioning is the way glass is installed in a generic composite door. Nearly all manufacturers use a system called a glazing cassette. I personally think they are a liability as they reduce thermal and noise insulation. I remember fitting a door for a company where the customer complained that the door was noisy around the glass and asked if anything could anything be done to improve the situation. I was sent back to take out the glazing cassette and apply a sound deadening material around the glass and was shocked not only to see just how easily a glazing cassette could be removed but the gap around the glass itself which basically lets cold air from the outside through to the inner face of the door. That puts me off 90% of composite doors for that reason alone. The only door not to use this system that I know of was the Rockdoor because the Rockdoor glass is built inside the door, encapsulating the glass.

Reading the above makes it seem like the Rockdoor is the only door that you should have fitted to your home. It isn’t. The above description is about why I chose to supply and fit Rockdoors. There are numerous suppliers offering composite doors that I could have gone with that are cheaper than a Rockdoor but at the end of the day I have gone for quality over quantity so if your budget does allow, then a Rockdoor should be top of your list and because we have very low overheads we don't need to charge over-inflated prices like most companies.

Thanks for looking.

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