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Low overheads mean we don't charge anything like what other companies charge for a Rockdoor or Solidor composite door. View the range and contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

Rockdoor LogoRockdoor Vogue Haze


Prices from £955 including VAT and installation

Solidor LogoSolidor Door Design


Prices from £935 including VAT and installation

Rocal Endurance LogoRocal Endurance Door
Endurance Doors

Prices from £875 including VAT and installation

Solid Core LogoSolid Core Door
Solid Core

Prices from £735 including VAT and installation

Rocal Endurance Door
Rockdoor Stable Doors

Prices from £1,045 including VAT and installation

French Doors by Rockdoor
Rockdoor French doors

Prices from £2,095 including VAT and installation

Rockdoor and Solidor Installer Area Covered

Rockdoor and Solidor Installer and Suppliers for Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Crewe, Holmes Chapel, Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Warwickshire, Cheshire, Sheffield, Rotheram, Barnsley, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire.
Solidor vs Rockdoor

Solidor vs Rockdoor. These are the two biggest names in the composite door industry. Many people compare Rockdoor and Solidor, ask which one is better, or ask which one do you recommend. I recommend both Solidor and Rockdoor. They are both superb composite doors whilst being completely different.

The inner core of a Rockdoor is completely different to Solidor doors, both have their advantages and disadvantages. A Solidor is made from wood with a uPVC skin either side, a Rockdoor is made from a very high density foam with a uPVC skin either side with a carbon fibre inner frame along the perimeter. The foam is very dense so even over a small area it still has incredible strength and combined with the very strong uPVC skin makes it very secure.

The Solidor doors uses a wood core which has it’s advantages too, such as being a long more resistant to being cut open, but in the real world this is never a likely scenario. Rockdoors advantages over Solidors are A++ energy ratings on most doors with clear backing glass, and they have the highest security rating possible of any composite door. Solidor doors advantages over Rockdoor are a solid wooden core, a lot more accessories and furniture options including heritage and architectural types along with more door designs and glass designs than Rockdoor, however Solidors are arguably not as secure depending on the lock specification chosen.


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