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Prices from £955 including VAT and installation

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Prices from £935 including VAT and installation

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Endurance Doors

Prices from £875 including VAT and installation

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Prices from £735 including VAT and installation

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Stable Doors

Prices from £1,045 including VAT and installation

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Prices from £2,095 including VAT and installation

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We cover most of the Midlands area, including Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Warwickshire, Cheshire, Leeds, Bradford, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and parts of Shropshire. Wayne, who is an approved Rockdoor trusted installer, is based up in Leeds so we cover a large area of England and the Midlands. Please click the button below for more info.


Having fit about eight different types of composite doors over the last 10 years from various manufacturers, the one composite door that always impressed was the Rockdoor. Every Rockdoor we receive is packaged properly so there is little chance of it being received damaged which is very important for you as a customer. These Rockdoors are incredible. Rockdoors are known best for their toughness and strength, with the article back in 2004, ‘The Door that beat the Bobbies’ which of course, was a Rockdoor. Local police were unable to break through the Rockdoor.

Every aspect of these Rockdoors ooze quality. All the components that go into making a Rockdoor are of the best quality available and the finish for handles and letterboxes look like they belong in a jewellers glass case rather than on a Rockdoor. Rockdoors are the Rolls-Royce of composite doors. In fact, all doors. The finish of the Rockdoor face is superb. Rockdoor use a very hard wearing compressed uPVC finish that is very resistant to scratches meaning that your new Rockdoor will look good for the years to come. I must say of the 800+ Rockdoors we have fitted, I’ve not known of any to be scratched by cats or dogs which is reassuring to those with pets and a great credit to Rockdoor.

Rockdoors use traditional butt hinges instead of surface mounted hinges, which can have a tendency to drop and move, especially with a heavy door like a Rockdoor. Not only are the Rockdoor hinges designed to take the weight of the door, but they are 3D adjustable, this enables great adjustability for the smallest of adjustments. The locking mechanism on the Rockdoor is about as robust as you can get. You can have 2 or 4 hooks (sometimes 3 hooks depending on door height) which lock into a one piece lock-keep on the frame, combined with a made-to-measure inner frame on the Rockdoor, ensures the door cannot be forced open. A lot of composite doors are light weight in construction, generally low density foam with no inner frame or reinforcing. Having had the door slab reduced to get the height and width required the majority of the door is then just condensed foam with a door skin either side. Compared like for like (solid door with no glass in), I would estimate that a Rockdoor is at least 30% heavier than many of the very low end cheaper composite doors I have handled over the years. As a customer you wouldn’t be aware of the weight as the Rockdoor is usually on hinges and fitted before you get a feel of the door so you never get to feel the full weight of the door.

When choosing Rockdoors over other door suppliers I went back to the Rockdoors we had installed and was pleasantly surprised at just how well they looked having been fitted up to 4 years previous. To be honest they looked just as good as they did the day they were installed and having spoke to various customers it was evident that they were still highly delighted with their Rockdoor years later. As an installer, once you have fitted a Rockdoor for someone you seldom see that person again unless you are called to either adjust a door or do extra work. The last thing you want as an installer or a customer is a product that creates problems down the line.

The Rockdoor is the only door that can achieve an A++ energy rating, this is because Rockdoor use a technology called ’S-Glaze’, this technology means that the glass is built into the door, encapsulating the glass and completely eliminating air to pass from one side of the Rockdoor to the other.

Reading the above makes it seem like the Rockdoor is the only door that you should have fitted to your home. It isn’t. The above description is about why we chose to supply and fit Rockdoors. They use the latest technology to make the door the best it can be, but it comes at a price and these Rockdoor are a premium composite door that command a premium price point. Check out some of the other types of composite doors we offer.

Solidor vs Rockdoor

Solidor vs Rockdoor. These are the two biggest names in the composite door industry. Many people compare Rockdoor and Solidor, ask which one is better, or ask which one do you recommend. I recommend both Solidor and Rockdoor. They are both superb composite doors whilst being completely different.

The inner core of a Rockdoor is completely different to Solidor doors, both have their advantages and disadvantages. A Solidor is made from wood with a uPVC skin either side, a Rockdoor is made from a very high density foam with a uPVC skin either side with a carbon fibre inner frame along the perimeter. The foam is very dense so even over a small area it still has incredible strength and combined with the very strong uPVC skin makes it very secure.

The Solidor doors uses a wood core which has it’s advantages too, such as being a long more resistant to being cut open, but in the real world this is never a likely scenario. Rockdoors advantages over Solidors are A++ energy ratings on most doors with clear backing glass, and they have the highest security rating possible of any composite door. Solidor doors advantages over Rockdoor are a solid wooden core, a lot more accessoriesand furniture options including heritage and architectural types along with more door designs and glass designs than Rockdoor, however Solidors are arguably not as secure depending on the lock specification chosen.

Solidor Doors vs Solid Core?

These doors are very similar. Their construction is based on a solid timber core and to be quite honest the Solid Core doors core is better than the Solidor. It is heavier and stronger as it uses 16 layers of ply lined wood called Kerto Laminated Veneer Lumber from Finland who know all about using wood in construction. Although the Solid core door is heavier I doubt as to whether this would have any real bearing in terms of security.

They also both use the Ultion cylinder lock which is as good as you can get for the home which is almost impossible to breach and comes with a £1,000 break in guarantee as standard. They also use a glazing cassette which means that the glass can be changed if damaged but in my experience very very few doors every need to change the glass once fitted.

Solidor have a better range of colours and glass but the Solid Core door can save you £100’s. Solidor is very well known but the Solid Core door is a bit of a hidden gem. Both great doors but the Solid core door can save you some money whilst providing most of the benefits of a Solidor


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