Who are Rockdoor?

Rockdoor is a British company and located in Blackburn, Lancashire. Rockdoor were founded in 1996 and have over 20 years experience in manufacturing composite doors. Rockdoor manufacture composite doors and all doors in their factory are built to measure. They operate all over England and Scotland and are owned by a company called GAP UK Plastics (General All Purpose Plastics). Rockdoor website can be found here: Rockdoor

Who are GAP Plastics?

GAP Plastics is a British company located in Blackburn, Lancashire. GAP Plastics were founded in 1993. They have over 35 depots nationwide, specialising in manufacturing and stocking all types of plastics such as soffit, fascias, guttering, trims and cladding, along with all the other tools and essentials. Their website can be found here: GAP Plastics 

Where can I view a Rockdoor?

Your nearest showroom to view a Rockdoor would be a GAP Plastics depot. You can go on their website and enter your postcode to find your closest depot to view a Rockdoor. GAP’s website is here: GAP Depot locator

What makes Rockdoor so secure and thermal efficient?

There are many advanced technologies that go into Rockdoor to make it unrivalled when it comes to keeping cold air and burgulars out. You can read more about how and why these composite doors are so strong here: What makes Rockdoors so secure?

What is Laminated Glass and do I need it?

Laminated Glass is special type of glass that holds itself together when broken, thus making it safer and more secure. During manufacturing, there is a very strong adhesive layer (called PVB) that is sandwiched between two layers of glass. When the glass is broken, the PVB layer between the two pieces of glass holds it all together and makes it very hard for someone to get through it, the glass will remain stuck together and can still keep wind and rain out until it can be replaced. Due to its strength it stops the glass from breaking it large fragments and is safer overall. Another benefit is that in some cases, the laminated glass can be better for sound proofing due to the PVB layer. Standard toughened glass is strong enough and takes some force to break, in most cases this is just as good, but for those who want to maximise security, laminated glass can be a cheap way to improve it. You can read more here: Toughened and Laminated Glass