Why Choose a Composite Door?

February 19, 2019

Rockdoor Composite Door

Low Maintenance Door

Old wooden doors need a lot of maintenance to keep them looking their best, with the most common issue is that they need to be painted or varnished. If the paint is flaky, it will have to be scraped off and sanded down to ensure a proper bond for the new paint else it wont last very long and you’ll soon be painting it again! Wooden doors are also prone to rotting, twisting and warping. Composite doors solve this in many ways. Firstly, nearly all composite door manufactures use GRP or uPVC compressed skins on the internal and external side of the door so it doesn't absorb water like wood does. Due to the skin on these composite doors, it means they do not fade or require painting at all. Some door skin’s are specially treated to reflect the heat from the sun. They are generally easier and smoother to open, close and lock and are not affected by the weather as much as a wooden door. uPVC doors fade in the sun and the panels go different colours, they are also prone to splitting and cracking. Rockdoor use a 3mm high impact skin internally and externally with Heat Shield Technology. Rockdoor Range

Rockdoor Security

Door Security

Wooden doors tend do have a small lock in the centre just below the latch, and some even have a lock top and bottom you turn with a key. Sounds secure, but it’s not. Whilst the door itself being made of wood may be strong and robust, the locking mechanisms are generally are poor. Composite doors enhance this by using proper hooks and shoot bolts into reinforced keeps. An example of this is the Rockdoor. Rockdoor use a one-piece keep that runs the length of the outer frame top to bottom. The top hook and bottom hook engage into this one-piece keep as well as the latch and shoot bolt. The one-piece keep greatly increases the security. Not only this but the hooks and shoot bolts on composite doors today is much more substantial than those you find on your wooden front door. Rockdoors are famous for being the UK’s most secure composite door.

Rockdoor Thermal Efficiency

Thermal Efficiency Doors

Wooden doors are known for being draughty, they don’t have a proper seal on them, and there not setup to pull the door onto the seal top and bottom either. With composite doors, a lot of them have a hook top and bottom, these go into adjustable keeps which you can alter, as you bring the hooks out, they pull the door tighter onto the seal, keeping the elements out and securing the door. Another thing is all composite doors today are double or triple glazed and have argon filled glass units. This combined with a proper seal makes the door a lot more thermal efficient than any wooden door you can buy. Rockdoor are one of very few manufacturers to achieve A++ energy ratings. 

Rockdoor Style
Door Style

Wooden doors can be expensive, especially ones in solid Oak, they look beautiful and generally can last a very long time (albeit in poor condition mostly), but unless maintained properly, their weaknesses soon start to show. Composite doors have many different designs and glass designs, plus a wide range of colours to choose from. They absolutely transform the house, front, side and rear. They also use a realistic wood grain texture on the skins to replicate a wooden door and they look beautiful.

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