Composite Door Videos

There are some videos listed below from Rockdoor, Solidor and Rocal Endurance doors. Each composite door manufacturer has their own set of videos, going through a range of different things including how the doors are made, what goes into them, what makes their doors special and secure, door designer videos, attempted break in videos and more.

Rockdoor Videos and Installations

Rockdoor Jacobean Apollo and Rockdoor Stable fitted in Lichfield

A little video of a Rockdoor Jacobean Apollo in Chartwell Green and a Rockdoor Stable View Light in White we fitted in Lichfield.

Rockdoor Dakota Bar Handle fitted in Berkhamsted

Rockdoor Dakota in Anthracite Grey with a Stainless Steel bar handle and 2 side panels with Satin glass installed by us in Berkhamsted, London.

Rockdoor Vermont Continuity Installation in Holmes Chapel, Crewe

Quick video of a Rockdoor Vermont Continuity in Black we installed near Holmes Chapel, Crewe.

Rockdoor Vermont Continuity Installation in Wilmslow, Cheshire

Quick video of a Rockdoor Vermont Continuity we installed near Wilmslow, Cheshire. We also replaced the cladding around the door and above the garage, all in Anthracite Grey - RAL 7016.

Rockdoor Hinge Adjustment

The Rockdoor Ultimate has a 3D adjustable hinge, with movement In/Out, Up/Down and Left/Right. Learn how to adjust yours here.

Rockdoor Keep Adjustment

The Rockdoors Keep can move Up/Down and In/Out for lots of adjustability. Watch the video to learn how.

Installing Spindles in a rockdoor

Split spindle or Full Spindle for your Rockdoor? Learn the differences and how to install them here.

install a Rockdoor Cylinder Guard

Learn what a Cylinder Guard is, why your Rockdoor has one and how to remove it from your Rockdoor.

Installing A Rockdoor Sash

Watch the video on how’s best to remove and replace a Rockdoor sash.

What Makes A Rockdoor Special?

Why is a Rockdoor Special? Watch the video to find out why the Rockdoor is special.

Rockdoor Roller Latch

What is a Roller Latch, why is it used and how do you adjust it for your Rockdoors?

Rockdoor Outward Opening Hinges

Worried about your hinges being on the outside? Fear not, watch the video to learn why

Rockdoor Final Checks

What final checks do you need to make on your Rockdoor?

How A Rockdoor Is Made?

Learn about how the Rockdoor is built, made and manufactured.

Verysecuredoors Installations

We have fitted lot of Rockdoors. In fact, the video above is a montage of all our Rockdoor installations in 5 minutes over the past 5 years, at 0.3s per door!

Solidor Videos

Solidor Makeover

This videos goes through some of the options to choose on your Solidor

What makes a solidor special?

Find out what technologies make the Solidor so special

Solidor Security

Watch an attempted break in through a Solidor

Solidor Manufacturing

Watch some bits of how a Solidor is manufactured

Solidor Designer

A brief video of the new Solidor door designer

Solidor Secured by design test

Watch the Solidor pass the Secured by Design test

How Ultion Protects

Learn how the Ultion lock protects your Solidor

Solidor Colours

Watch a video regarding some of the Solidor Colours

Solidor Security

Learn why the Solidor is one of the most secure composite doors

Endurance Door Videos

How its made

This videos shows you how a Rocal Endurance door is made

What goes into a rocal door

Find out what goes into making a Rocal Endurance door

Rocal Endurance Door Security 

Watch an attempted break in through a Rocal Endurance Door


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