Rockdoor Videos and Tutorials

Rockdoor Ultimate Hinge Adjustment

The Rockdoor Ultimate has a 3D adjustable hinge, with movement In/Out, Up/Down and Left/Right. Learn how to adjust yours here.

Rockdoor Ultimate Keep Adjustment

The Rockdoors Keep can move Up/Down and In/Out for lots of adjustability. Watch the video to learn how.

Installing Spindles

Split spindle or Full Spindle for your Rockdoor? Learn the differences and how to install them here.

Cylinder Guard

Learn what a Cylinder Guard is and how to remove it from your Rockdoor

Installing a Rockdoor Sash

Watch the video on how’s best to remove and replace a Rockdoor sash.

What makes a Rockdoor Special?

Why is a Rockdoor Special? watch the video to find out why.

Rockdoor Roller Latch

What is a Roller Latch and how do you adjust it for your Rockdoors?

Rockdoor Outward Opening Hinges

Worried about your hinges being on the outside? Fear not, watch the video to learn why

Rockdoor Final Checks

What final checks do you need to make on your Rockdoor?

Rockdoor Elite Hinge Adjustment

Like the Ultimate, the Rockdoor Elite has a 3D adjustable hinge too. Watch the video on how to adjust it.

Rockdoor Elite Keep Adjustment

Similar to an Ultimate, the Rockdoor Elite Keep provides plenty of adjustment.

How A Rockdoor is Made?

Learn about how the Rockdoor is built, made and manufactured.

Rockdoor Designer

Do you want to design your own composite door? Watch the video and learn how to design your own Rockdoor today.

Verysecuredoors Installation Montage

We have fitted lot of Rockdoors. In fact, the video above is a montage of all our Rockdoor installations in 5 minutes over the past 5 years, at 0.3s per door!