Solidor's range of customisation for a composite door is staggering. Solidor are becoming more and more popular, not just for their wide range of customisation, but because they are also one of the top composite doors in terms of security and thermal efficiency, setting new standards. We are able to supply and fit every type of Solidor available.

Solidor Doors

So why should you choose Solidor as your new composite door? Read more below about why Solidor are one of the top leading brands for composite doors.

Solidor Security

Solidor encorporate the latest security technologies to keep people from breaking into your house. They utilise the latest locking cylinders from Ultion. It is regarded as the best lock in the industry and they offer a guarantee, should anyone manage to break in through it, you can read more about it here. It has a feature that detects when it is being tampered with and will automatically engage its hidden lock, so you cant get passed it, even if someone has snapped it twice! The Ultion lock has 11 pins and leaving a key on the internal side of the composite door does not affect its performance. They are also anti snap, anti pick, anti drill and anti bump.

The Solidor Lock Lock technology ensures that if somehow somebody does get past your lock, they wont be able to open the door anyway. The Lock Lock technology works by locking the spindle that joins the two handles together and operates the locks so the spindle cant move at all. This is operated by a switch on the internal side of the handle. Solidor do many different types of locks and handles.

Solidor have a 48mm thick sash made from solid timber and with their wide range of locking options you can rest assure that no one will be breaking through it.

Solidors Colours

Solidor have 20 colours to choose from which is considerably more than most composite door manufacturers, so you can be sure there is a colour for your new composite door. Solidor will also mix and match the internal and external colours of your choice. They have 3 different ranges, with Standard being the lowest tier, moving upto Premium in the middle tier and then finally Luxury for the higher tier of Solidor colours. They also do Edge-Banding to suit the colur of your Solidor, especially when you have a colour that isnt white on both sides of the door.

Solidor Customisation

Solidor have a huge range of customisation. They have several different handles and lock combinations. Ranging from the Ultion Locks, to Solidor’s Lock Lock Technology, they also do an AV3 lock and their exclusive Avantis lock which features the first triangular deadbolt that is 25mm which improves security but also keeps the door tighter onto the seals. They do a Key Wind up lock when there is no handle to operate the hooks and they also do an AV2 lock where the hooks automatically come out once the door is closed. Read more about Solidor’s Handles and Locks here. 

Solidor Designer

The Solidor designer is a very thorough designer that is very versatile and in depth, helping you to create your perfect specification for your new composite door. You can design your own Solidor here.

Solidors Made in Britain

All Solidors are made in Britain, from start to finish, unlike a lot of composite door manufacturers, who buy standard size door slabs from China and machine them down, weakening them. Solidor are manufactured and built in house. This helps ensure quality and helps them be more environmentally friendly.