Smarts visofold 1000 bifolds


Smarts Visofold 1000 are extremely popular bifold doors as they allow lots of light into your property, they are thermally efficient, secure and they look absolutely fantastic when either fully opened or fully closed while not being extremely expensive.

- Large openings up to 7 panes, and max width of 6.5 metres
- Maximum sash size of 1200mm
- Up to 2.5 metres height
- High security hinges, locks and blocks
- PAS24:2016 option
- Wide range of colours
- Easy and smooth to operate
- Energy efficient
- Low maintenance

Smarts Bifold Configurations

Smarts bifolds come in many different configurations, opening left to right or right to left, or having a single traffic door for everyday use that may open to the right and the rest open to the left and vice versa. You can also choose to have them meet in the middle so half slide left and half slide right for a double door type of look. There is a wide variety of configurations for these bifold doors and they can open in or open out.

The smarts bifold doors go up to a maximum width of 1200mm per sash, with the height being up to 2500mm. This ensures that no matter how big or little your space, these doors will meet the configuration you are after.

Smarts Bifold Configuration
Smarts Bifold Configuration
visofold 1000 RAL COLOURS

The Visofold 1000 can come in any RAL or standard British colour. They also offer special dual colour options where the colours can be different internally and externally. The doors are specially powder coated to ensure a consistent colour and durable finish along with corrosion and scratch resistant properties, year after year. The standard colours are:

- Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)
- Black (RAL 9005)
- White (RAL 9010)

Other non-standard colours are available such as metallic, wood structure, dual colour and smarts sensation range of textured finishes.

Smarts Bifold Visofold RAL Colours
Smarts Visofold 1000 Colours
visofold 1000 door THRESHOLDs

Smarts bifold doors offer numerous threshold options depending on various factors. There are very low thresholds available which would be ideal for a sheltered area such as indoors. An integrated threshold into a cill is offered which is perfect for opening out bifolds that also need a cill, this helps to reduce the step-over height into your home. No matter what the requirement, the smarts bifold have a threshold suited for you and your home.

Smarts Aluminium Bifold Threshold

Aluminium bifolds are extremely secure and conform to the standards of security including PAS24:2012. They have shoot bolts top and bottom as well as anti-lift blocks, with high security cylinders, hinges and hooks on the traffic door. You can rest assure that no one will be making their way through these. Smarts Visofold 1000 can be upgraded to PAS24:2016.

Smarts bifold Visofold 1000 Security
smarts Bifold Security
Visofold 1000 thermal efficiency

Smarts bifolds have a polyamide thermal break round the centre of the frame to enhance thermal performance and lower U-values. High quality seals and gaskets on each door and frame further enhance the thermal and acoustic performance. Multi-point locking and shootbolts combined with anti-lift blocks ensure the highest security and thermal efficiency of any aluminium bifold door on the market.

Stainless steel rollers enable a slick and smooth operation of the door, enabling you to open several doors with little to no effort whilst ensuring durability against the harsh weather. 

Visofold 1000 prices

Below is a small table showing rough estimates for Smarts Aluminium Visofold 1000 prices which are supplied and fitted by us. The prices include VAT and installation. Please note the prices will vary slightly but these are close ballpark figures.

smarts Visofold 1000 brochure


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