Composite Doors Order

Rockdoor and solidor

1) Email us for free quote at ‘ ' and tell us where abouts you are based, this helps speed up the email side and can assist you to your nearest composite Rockdoor or Solidor installer. Include details such as what Rockdoor or Solidor you would like, colour, glass design, wether you need a letterbox, spyhole, knocker, a matching drip bar for your composite door etc, and whenever possible send us a photo of your current door from the outside as this helps us see which way it opens, if needs a cill and what threshold to use in most cases. Photos are very useful and further speed things up our end.

2) We will design the door for you using the Rockdoor designer or the Solidor designer and email it back to you with a price with some illustration images of how your door will look from the outside, from the inside and if you have side panels or a top light, we will show you the glass spec and pattern etc.

3) We don't chase or email you again once we have sent the email about your new composite door. If you would like to go ahead with the quotation, we will arrange a suitable date to come out and measure up for you by email and take some measurements (takes 15 minutes in most cases, we dont charge for coming out to take measurements). We can have a chat about your new Rockdoor or Solidor, give you advice and answer any questions. We do NOT try to upsell or stand in your house for hours, make you sign anything or persuade you to make a decision there and then, as long as we have the measurements everything else is done by email. We can bring colour samples during the survey for you to keep if you are uncertain or undecided of which colour you want your new composite Rockdoor to be.

4) We will go away with the measurements, re-design the composite door with any changes discussed and with the new measurements, and email the final price back to you. We don't phone or email you back asking if you've made a decision once we’ve sent the final price.

5) Once you tell us you would like to go ahead, your Rockdoor or Solidor will be ordered and we can arrange an installation date by email. However, as stressed, if you don't come back to us for any reason, we do not pester or chase you.

6) 2-4 weeks later your Rockdoor or Solidor is delivered to our local depot, we collect it and inspect it. We load the van up with your new composite door ready for installation.

7) Your new composite door will be fitted, we will dispose of your old door, give you all the relevant paperwork for the door and show you how to operate, clean and maintain it etc.

8) Your Rockdoordoor will be registered for a building certificate through CERTASS (Similar to FENSA) who will then issue you with the certificate and you will also receive an insurance backed guarantee.

We would just like to stress that none of us are sales people driving around in company cars with suits on who will sit in your house all evening trying to secure a sale. We are all door fitters by trade who deal with the emailing, designs, quotes, measuring and installations. Generally we are all out fitting by day and emailing quotes in the evening. At no stage will you ever be pressured, emailed or called to try and get an order.

We like to send quotes by email primarily, as this is an accurate way to give someone a quote.

Thanks for reading.