Rockdoor Brochures

Rockdoor brochures

Here you can view the Rockdoor Brochures, they contain all the types of information and go over every detail of the doors and the customisation, from colours, to coloured frames, optional extras, handles, door furniture, furniture colours, thresholds and much more. The ‘Your Choice’ Brochure goes over all 5 aspects of a Rockdoor briefly, inlcuding strength, security, glazing, glass designs, letterbox’s and handles. It also lists all the U values of each Rockdoor, with a PVC threshold and a Low Aluminium one, as well as showing every single glass design Rockdoor do for each door. Its a very simple but quick way of viewing information. There is a Rockdoor installation manual too, for those who like their own bit of DIY. Finally, we have a Rockdoor Technical manual with all the sizes of every part of each door and for every single door design you could possibly imagine, including glass size and glass aperture, midrail heights and so on.

Rockdoor Switch Latch

Rockdoor recently introduced a switch latch. A switch latch comes on all door’s with no handle (or on all Rockdoors where you need a key to get in). This works similar to a roller latch but with added benefits. A roller latch was good at letting you in and out of your home when you didn’t have a handle and just relied on a Yale/Night latch, because the door was never latched completely and would not lock you out, therefore you could push it open. However with a switch latch, it’s a new mechanism that encorpates the standard latch you get with a Lever/Lever Rockdoor, but re-designed. The re-design comes in the form of a little blue switch that you can alter up or down that allows the keep to flex or stay locked into place, when the keep is allowed the flex, the door can open just like it was on a roller latch, if the keep is locked into place, it will remain locked into place requiring a key to bring the latch back in to get inside, so nobody can just walk into your home.