Rockdoor Vermont Continuity Installation and Cladding

May 25, 2019

Rockdoor Before Photo

Rockdoor Vermont Continuity and Cladding.

We received an email from a potential customer based up in Wilmslow who was looking for a Rockdoor Vermont Continuity in Anthracite Grey with two side panels and a square bar handle. No problem! He was also interested in some cladding for the surrounding area of the door and garage. We exchanged a few emails, sent a design and the final price which was pretty much as we said originally, and we were soon out to measure up. Once the specification had been finalised, we got the go ahead and the job was booked for installation. The existing windows were sprayed Anthracite Grey by another company before we carried out the installation.

Rockdoor Vermont Continuity Installation

Rockdoor Vermont and Cladding Installation.

We arrived on site at 8:00am and began removing the old existing door and side panels. Once removed we started on removing the old green timber around the window and above the door. Once it was all removed we set about insulating above the door and around the existing window with some insulation the customer had in the loft and we put some expanding foam in too. After we cleaned the area and prepped it, we created some solid anchor points for the cladding to be installed with wood screwed into the wall. We got the cill level, sealed and fixed down, got the Rockdoor Vermont and side panels in, fixed the door and side panels together from both sides and got some fixings above through the door and side panels into timber once it was completely level. 

Rockdoor Vermont Continuity Internal

Rockdoor Vermont and Cladding Nearly Completed

With the Rockdoor and cladding nearly all installed. The cladding was finally finished off with a few small trims to give it that beautiful flowing detail to be part of the house. The Rockdoor was trimmed inside, cleaned throughly and then sealed to complete the internal side of the Rockdoor.

Rockdoor Vermont and Cladding
Rockdoor Vermont Continuity

The door was now fixed all round and was now the time of finishing it all off which always takes the longest! We put some trim around the window and the Rockdoor and began the process of cleaning , prepping for sealing and tidying. We cleaned the existing pipe for the sink and installed that back in too.

Rockdoor Vermont installation completed
Rockdoor Vermont Installation Completed

The Rockdoor Vermont and Cladding was finished. Cleaned and sealed, we doubled checked the door and made some adjustments to the hinges, compression, hooks and latch to ensure complete smooth operation. We loaded all the rubbish onto the van, swept the drive of any last debris and showed the customer how to operate the door. It completely transformed the house.

Rockdoor Vermont Review
Rockdoor Vermont Continuity

Lovely email from the customer that night, very pleased with our work. It was a fantastic job to carry out and it absolutely transformed the house, night and day difference!

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