Rockdoor or solidor

Rockdoors or solidors

Rockdoors and Solidors are arguably the two biggest names in the composite door industry. Many people compare Rockdoor and Solidor, ask which one is best, or ask which one do you recommend.

I recommend both doors. They are both superb composite doors whilst being completely different.
The inner core of a Rockdoor is completely different to the inner core of a Solidor and they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

A Solidor is made from timber with an ABS skin either side, a Rockdoor is made from a very high density foam with a uPVC skin either side, reinforced by a 10mm aluminium box section along the perimeter of the door slab. The foam is very dense so even over a small area it has incredible strength and combined with the very strong compressed 3mm uPVC skin makes it very secure.

The Solidor has it’s advantages too, such as being more resistant to being cut open, but in the real world this is never a likely scenario. Solidor also have more designs, colours, glass designs and accessories to choose from. Rockdoors advantages over Solidors are slightly better energy ratings but negligible in the real world, and they have the highest security rating possible of any composite door.

From my experience Rockdoor are the ones to go for if security or energy ratings are top of your list, but if aesthetics are a higher priority then a Solidor would be a better choice due to the wide variety of options they offer.


  • 50mm sash

  • 3mm high impact UPVC skins

  • High density foam core with 10mm aluminium box section

  • 3-star Avocet ATK lock

  • S-Glaze technology

  • 13 colours

  • Full length steel keep on the outer frame


  • 48mm sash

  • 2mm ABS skins

  • Timber core made from sustainable sources in Indonesia

  • 3-star Ultion lock

  • Glazing cassette

  • 20 colours

  • 3 smaller individual outer frame keeps


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