Rockdoor in 2022

Created: 14th May 2022
Updated: 16th May 2022

Rockdoor Fit Show

Rockdoor at the FIT SHOW

Rockdoor exhibited at the FIT SHOW at the Birmingham NEC for the first time. This was the perfect time and place to show what they are working on and why Rockdoor are the best composite door around.

They have improved their products hugely all round, and have many new things in the pipeline.

Rockdoor Aluminium Reinforcing

Polyurethane Foam - New for 2022

From 2019 to 2021, Rockdoor made great refinements within the secret mix of Polyurethane foam, as well as how it was injected amongst many other aspects. For 2022, they have further improved this.

Because every Rockdoor is made to measure, the correct fill of polyurethane foam is a critical part. Not only this, but air temperature, door style and design, door sizes, foam thickness and cure time all plays a part in making it perfect on every door.

Rockdoor decided to use clear skins for testing purposes. This enabled them to see very easily and effectively see the characteristics of the foam once injected into a door. They could distinguish certain patterns, and alter the injection and ventilation process accordingly to ensure the fill was perfect, every time.

They made several doors of each style, maximum and minimum widths and heights, reviewed them and placed ventilation holes where necessary, to ensure a perfect fill regardless of size. Next they were put in their state of the art lab for excruciate testing to ensure they would stand the test of time, before passing them to production.

New Furniture & Hardware

Rockdoor exhibited some new furniture and hardware at the FIT SHOW that they are testing for 2022, such as the following:

  • Black Square Bar Handles

  • Mitred Square Bar Handles

  • Fingerpull Escutcheon

  • Black Escutcheon

  • Contemporary Letterbox

  • Ring Knocker

  • New Rose Handle

All these are currently in testing and feedback stage, with no set release date in mind, some will be a very welcome addition to the Rockdoor range.

Contemporary Skin Textures

As well as the new Hardware & Furniture, Rockdoor exhibited a brand new contemporary design and skin texture, called the Rockdoor Dune at the FIT SHOW.

The Rockdoor Dune has a mostly flat skin with a small horizontal pattern, with a narrower pane of glass than the Rockdoor Vermont.

It is also possible that this new contemporary skin could come to other existing door styles, as you can see in the picture, the first image is a Vermont style glass with a contemporary skin. The external frame is foiled but it’s smooth and not grained like most Rockdoors to give that nice aluminium type look and blend it more with the door skin.

This is very much still under testing and development but gives an insight into what Rockdoor are working on.

Rockdoor Manhattan

In January 2022, Rockdoor introduced their latest design; Rockdoor Manhattan.

This design has 5 panes of square glass running vertically up the middle of the door. Similar to the Rockdoor Vermont in terms of glass height, but with the glass separated into 5 sections.

These look very modern with a bar handle, or in the new Agate Grey colour Rockdoor released last year.


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