Rockdoor in 2021

April 17, 2021

Rockdoor 10mm Reinforcing

Carbon Fibre vs 10mm Aluminium

Rockdoor used a carbon fibre composite for years as their reinforcing in their door. This was great for thermal efficiency, but had a few drawbacks. They only came in 1800mm lengths, so if your door sash was 2000mm, you would be 100mm short at the top and bottom, and as they were so energy efficient, this lead them to keep extreme heat inside the door, causing bowing and warping issues.

Rockdoor swithed to a 10mm aluminium box section from June 1st 2019, this is a 3mm thick box section made from high grade aluminium, apart from the back wall which is 10mm thick for increased strength against bowing. Since the change, Rockdoors have been phenomenal and their new bow tolerence is just 3mm.

Rockdoor Foam Core

Polyeurethane Foam

Rockdoors are filled with a secret mix of polyeurethane foam, this is extremely dense foam and very thermal efficient, however as each door is made to measure, the amount of foam needed in each door is slightly different.

Rockdoor have worked and improved their foam injection process over the last 2 years, with changes to the foam, how it is injected, how fast, how the amount is calculated, and how quickly it sets. All of this adds up to better reliability of the door which has been a huge improvement for everyone and just makes Rockdoor that so much better.

Rockdoor Rehau Frame

Rehau Outerframe

In December 2020, Rockdoor announced a switch from Spectus to Rehau outerframe. Generally the Spectus was a good profile, however the benefits of a Rehau outerframe are much better including increased thickness of 72mm from 70mm which allows 2 things, the Rockdoor sash can now sit flush in the frame, and a better and bigger gasket on the outside allows for much improved tolerences, compression and draught reduction, as well as an aestethic improvement.

Along with that, the outerframe is now reinforce all the way around with steel and the same is true for sidelights and toplights.

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What this means for Rockdoor?

Rockdoors have always been one of the best composite doors on the market, they are an engineering masterpiece when compared to how all other doors are made.

With these improvements, Rockdoors are better and easier for installers to fit, and more reliable than previously which makes them even more reliable compared to several other brands of composite doors. They are not cheap, but they are truly fantastic and no other composite door is manufactured quite like them. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

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