Origin bifold doors are considered one of the highest premium bifolds money can buy. Origin design and manufacturer their own products rather than buy a profile in and manufacturer a bifold door. This allows them to ensure the highest quality of materials and meticulous attention to detail with painstaking time spent testing to ensure it is built up to their extremely high standards.



OB72 allows upto 12 door sets maximum, with door leaves from just 400mm wide all the way upto 1200mm, with height being upto 3000mm.


You can have them open in or out, and then choose how many door sets you want for your current size, and how many of left and how many open right.


Fully bespoke to you, the Origin bifolds are customisable in every possible detail ensuring it is 100% bespoke to your requirements.


origin colours

With over 150 different RAL shades to pick, it’s hard not find a find a colour perfect for you. The colours don’t stop there, as well as different shades, they also offer different types such as the bright primary shades to candy pastels, with a lot of the colours able to come in a gloss, satin or matt finish.

Dual colour is also an option, this lets you have the exterior one colour and the interior colour a completely different colour. With all this combined, it makes Origin bifolds one of the most customisable bifold doors when it comes to colour.

Slave and D handles are also fully customisable. They can come in any of the 150 different RAL colour just like the doors so they blend or contrast to the door just how you want them too.


Origin lead time

Popular colours from Origin also come with a staggering fast lead time of just 24 hours! This doesn’t just mean you receive Origin bifolds quickly, but it enables us to specify a specific day to have them delivered upto a month in advance. This makes it perfect for building work.

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Below are the popular colours Origin offer on a 24 hour lead time.
9007M Dark Silver Metallic
9005M Jet Black
7015M Slate Grey
7021M Black Grey
7016M Anthracite Grey
9006M Light Silver
9910G / 9910M Hipca White
Natural Oak
Golden Oak

G = Gloss
M = Metallic

ORIGIN Door Furniture

Origin bifolds offer several different handles in their stainless steel range all the way to their coloured aluminium lever/lever handles. The OB49 range come with a stainless steel handle as standard, which can also come in various different colours to suit. The OB72 comes with a standard aluminium handle but can be upgraded and colour matched or contrasted against the bifolds.

Origin Aluminium Bifold Furniture



  • 154mm Sightline

  • 3000mm max height

  • 1200mm per door

  • Allows open corner bifolds

  • No Steel-look type

  • Allows Woodgrain colours

  • Aluminium & Stainless Steel Handles


  • 110mm Sightline

  • 2600mm max height

  • 1100mm per door

  • No open corner bifolds

  • Allows Steel-look type

  • No Woodgrain colours

  • Comes with Hafi Stainless Steel handles only


We will get back to you from anywhere between 2 minutes to 24 hours, up until 11:00pm everyday!