Laminated Glass

March 5, 2019

What is Laminated Glass?

Laminated Glass is special type of glass that holds itself together when broken, thus making it safer and more secure. During manufacturing, there is a very strong adhesive layer (called PVB) that is sandwiched between two layers of glass. When the glass is broken, the PVB layer between the two pieces of glass holds it all together and makes it very hard for someone to get through it, the glass will remain stuck together and can still keep wind and rain out until it can be replaced. Due to its strength it stops the glass from breaking in large fragments and is safer overall. Another benefit is that in some cases, the laminated glass can be better for sound proofing due to the PVB layer. Standard toughened glass is strong enough and takes some force to break, in most cases this is just as good, but for those who want to maximise security, laminated glass can be a cheap way to improve it.

Laminated Glass Features

Safety - Laminated glass is extremely durable. When it does break, due to the inner layer between the pieces of glass, most of the glass fragments are usually kept stuck to the glass, increasing security whilst reducing the risk of injury from glass everywhere.

Security - This is the key feature of why people have laminated glass in homes. Laminated glass is extremely hard to get through and provides an incredible barrier between the inside and the outside, deterring burglars and protecting your family and home. Laminated glass is generally recommended if you live in a quiet place with few neighbours or activity. 

Sound Proofing - In some cases, the laminated glass can be slightly better for sound proofing due to the PVB layer between the pieces of glass as opposed to normal toughened glass. This is a feature that wouldn't rank very highly amongst others as people don't choose laminated glass for their homes due to the sound proofing feature it provides.

UV Light - This is an understated feature. Due to the film, laminated glass is able to block nearly all of the UV rays from the sun, preventing items and furniture from fading whilst still providing most of the light to pass through it.

When do we recommend Laminated Glass?

Its personal preference. For us as door installers, there is not a rule where laminated glass is required, but it has to be toughened by law. We would recommend laminated glass for a door entrance that is discreet and not overlooked or in a rural area with very few neighbours as attackers have more time to break in without anyone noticing. On a normal street, toughened glass is good enough as many burglars won’t try to break through the glass due to the noise, but it can happen. Laminated glass is used in many famous architectural buildings where overhead glass is used. One of the main reasons for this is if anything drops onto the glass from above. As we know, laminated glass is very good at holding itself together should such an event occur, and the last thing you want is glass falling down onto people below. Rockdoor offer laminated glass and this further enhances their composite door security

Laminated Glass in Composite Doors

You can have laminated glass in the door (depending on door glass design) and you can have it in top lights and side lights too. You can also have laminated glass in all your windows if they are clear. All composite doors are able to have laminated glass, depending on the glass design chosen. This gives you that extra piece of mind, especially with designs with lots of glass. We offer laminated glass in all our range of composite doors.

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