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All of the composite doors we fit are excellent quality and generally a customer will make their choice primarily based on the look of the door and the colour rather than the different features. If you need help or are undecided with choosing which composite door for the front, back or side of your house, contact us. A few observations below however:

1) Rockdoor are the most secure composite door we offer and also feel the most premium.

2) Solidor offer the greatest amount of accessories, furniture and customisation etc on a composite door.

3) Endurance doors by Rocal offer the widest variety of different door designs, colours and glass styles.

4) Solid core doors by future products are fantastic value for money for people who are not too fussed on design, colours etc. They provide great security for the price.


We have 4 ranges of composite doors which all excel in their own right from security to aesthetics. We will cover the 4 topics listed below to help you choose the perfect composite door for you and your home.

- Price
- Security
- Styles
- Thermal Efficiency

door prices

Composite door prices vary a lot, some can be cheap and some can be very expensive, of course, this all depends on the door in questions, specification, and the company chosen. Below are some rough price estimates of the 4 composite door ranges from us that include supply and fit (no side panels or top panels)

- Solid Core Doors between £840 and £1,250
- Endurance Doors between £935 and £1,600
- Solidors between £1,05 and £1,575
- Rockdoors between £1,025 and £1,625

Whilst the price range of each door is quite broad, it gives you a quick insight into the rough costs of each door, depending on specification.


All the composite doors we supply have very good security as standard, all very much likely to be better than the current door you have, but there is one door that stands out from the rest and that is the Rockdoor. Their full length steel keep and huge brass hooks ensure forced entry is made almost impossible giving a huge advantage over other doors. Their foam core sounds weak against cut through but it isn’t and I have never experienced a burglary attempted this way, steel mesh is an option on a Rockdoor which completely prevents this should it happen. The other 3 composite doors are still very secure,  they all have multipoint locking and 3* cylinders as standard, but if security is your top priority, you should look no further than a Rockdoor. Read more here: Rockdoors security


A lot of people do decide on a certain composite door brand down to just the colours, door designs or glass designs they offer. Solidor and Endurance doors are the two big names for this category, I would edge Endurance doors at the top just down to the fact they have over 70 different doors designs with a staggering amount of glass and unique colour options to choose from with a wide variety of handles, letterboxes and locking options ensuring they have a door to suit for everyone. All 4 composite door ranges use uPVC skins with a grained texture which is not too subtle and not too heavy. The one style that people do decide on is the Rockdoor Newark because no other manufacturer comes close to replicating the perfect modern composite door for a 1930s house the way the Rockdoor Newark does.


Composite doors are always evolving to ensure hot air stays inside the home, and cold air is kept outside. The energy ratings on composite doors were originally capped at an A rating for the highest, but these were changed to go up to A++. Rockdoor were in a league of their own for this, with over 50% of their doors manufactured being A+ or higher. Due to their new 10mm aluminium reinforcing, this has dropped to between A and C.

A to C energy rating is still an extremely good value, beating a lot of the competition still and although it looks bad on paper, it is going to be a lot better than the doors you would be replacing. Solidor, Endurance and Solid core don’t advertise energy ratings but again, these are all very good too and will drastically reduce the heat lost from your home.

In my experience I wouldn’t choose one of the four composite doors we offer just down to thermal efficiency because one is marginally better. In the real world, you aren't going to notice a difference between any of them. They are all very good with minimal differences between them. It’s worth pointing out that these composite doors are very good for sound insulation too, we always get comments about how quiet it is when the door is closed, especially for people who live on main roads or near a motorway etc.

what about a Front Door?

Our 4 ranges make excellent front doors. The premium quality and finish of Endurance doors, Rockdoors and Solidor have a slight edge over the Solid Core doors but that can be reflected in the price as like for like they can be £200 to £300 cheaper. A Rockdoor Vermont with Haze glass is a very popular choice for front doors as it gives a real wow factor to the front of the house. 

Side, Back and garage Doors

Side and back doors are more vulnerable to attacks. Often they are in less view from neighbours and tucked slightly out the way. Most people tend to have a half glazed white door on the back, side or on the garage of their house so any of the composite doors are perfect for these locations. Solid Core Doors cheaper price and overall strength give these an advantage when comparing them to other composite doors whilst still offering enough security to defend against attacks and brute force.

Of course if security is a high priority, a plain white Rockdoor Windsor or Rockdoor Classic with laminated glass would be the preferable option.


Read our article for more information about Rockdoors 

As one of the UK’s largest independent Rockdoor installer, we also offer Rockdoor French Doors and Rockdoor Stable Doors which offer the same security of a normal Rockdoor.

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