Rockdoor Brochure

Rockdoor Brochure for 2019 (Updated July 2019). Below is the latest 2019 brochure that covers all aspects of Rockdoors including colours, glass designs, door designs, furniture options, as well as thresholds, frame types, colour matched frames and energy ratings. There is also the Rockdoor Technical Manual which has every dimension possible of each and every Rockdoor, including glass sizes, minimum and maximum door widths and heights. Please click the buttons below to view the relevant brochure.

Solidor Brochure

Below is a selection of Solidor Brochures to view. The main Solidor brochure has all the information on regarding colours, door designs, glass designs, locks, cylinders, frame colours and other accessories. The Solidor glass brochure shows a list of different glass designs with each door. Both of them combined provide almost all of the information you need to know about Solidor composite doors. Please click the buttons below to view the relevant brochure

Endurance Door Brochure

Below is a selection of Rocal Endurance Brochures to view. There are two Rocal Endurance brochures, a main one and a finish touches one which includes door accessories and glass designs. The main one includes everything you need to know about Rocal Endurance doors. There are 76 different styles to choose from with over 16 different colours and a large array of beautiful different glass designs so each and every door is completely unique. Please click the buttons below to view the relevant brochure

Solid Core Composite Doors

View the Solid Core composite door brochure, it covers everything about these doors including all the options such as different locks, handles, colours, glass designs and door designs. 


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