Rockdoor Security: The Ultimate Guide to Rockdoor's Security Features


Rockdoor Security: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to securing your home, not all doors are created equal. In an age where security is a growing concern, one brand stands out for its commitment to offering unparalleled protection: Rockdoor.

Known for their innovation, quality, and above all, security, Rockdoors are built to guard what's most important to you.

In this blog post, we will delve deep into the elements that make Rockdoor a top choice for homeowners looking for the ultimate in security.

Our discussion will cover the essential features that contribute to Rockdoor's robust security, including S-Glaze technology, their inner aluminium reinforcing, Rehau outer frame, robust locking mechanism, optional steel mesh construction and the use of 3-star cylinders.

Standard Rockdoor Features


S-Glaze Technology: A Revolution in Door Security

We have spoke a bit about the S-Glaze technology in a previous blog post, so we will only briefly talk about the security benefits

The one security concern that S-Glaze addresses is that traditional glazing methods can leave weak points around the glazing cassette. Opportunistic burglars can exploit these vulnerabilities to pop the glass out of the door. With S-Glaze technology, the glass is part of the door structure, eliminating these weak points completely.

Learn more about other S-Glaze technology benefits in Rockdoors

Aluminium Inner Reinforcing

All Rockdoors are made-to-measure and every Rockdoor manufactured has the same aluminium box section running the perimeter of the door.

The aluminium reinforcing in Rockdoor's design serves multiple key functions, but ultimately it makes a Rockdoor 60% stronger than other composite doors.

At its core, it is a box section which is 10mm thick at the back wall that acts as a structural backbone for the door. The box section is mitred into the four corners of the door, providing 360-degree reinforcing throughout the door's perimeter. This aluminium reinforcing houses all the hinges and locking mechanisms, enhancing the door's overall rigidity and security.

This design feature was finalised after rigorous testing in Rockdoor's specialised R&D facility after numerous different reinforcing prototypes, which employs an Environment Simulator to mimic all possible weather and temperature changes.

So whats the advantages?

The aluminium reinforcing brings a twofold advantage — security and durability.

First, it offers improved resistance to bow deflection, which is four times better than previous materials used. This property helps the door to maintain its shape even when subjected to extreme temperatures.

Second, the reinforcing allows locking components to be fixed directly into the aluminium inner frame, fortifying the door against forced entry.

According to Rockdoor's research and tests, the aluminium reinforcing makes the next-generation Rockdoor 15% stronger as a complete door set.

Comparison to doors without aluminium reinforcing

Doors without aluminium reinforcing are generally more susceptible to structural changes due to temperature swings. They are more likely to bow inwards or outwards with fluctuating temperatures, affecting both the appearance and functionality of the door. We have experienced this with other composite doors over the years of fitting them.

Such doors often lack the enhanced anchoring for locking mechanisms, making them less secure against break-ins.

Without a strong inner reinforcing like the aluminium box section in Rockdoors, these doors are generally less durable and might not offer the same level of security or resistance to environmental factors.

Rehau Outer Frame

The newly designed chamfered Rehau outer frame brings enhanced security features to Rockdoors. With walls that are thicker than previous versions and the inclusion of steel reinforcement in the outer frame, the frame offers improved resilience against break-ins.

These design upgrades not only amplify the frame's overall strength but also facilitate better screw retention for locking mechanisms and hinges, thus increasing overall strength and security. This makes it exceedingly difficult for potential intruders to forcibly open the door.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism on Rockdoors comes standard as a 2-hook system manufactured by Winkhaus. These hooks are situated at the top and bottom of the door, and they operate in conjunction with a central latch and deadbolt.

For enhanced security, the system can be upgraded to a 4-hook setup. Solid brass hooks coated in nickel slide into steel keeps and extend along the full length of the door's outer frame adding to their durability and strength.

These hooks are engaged into one-piece steel keeps on the outer frame through robust gearboxes, ensuring a secure and reliable lock that contributes to the overall safety and performance of the door.

Steel Mesh (Optional Extra)

The addition of Steel Mesh takes Rockdoor's security capabilities to the next level. This specially designed mesh is impervious to cutting, increasing the door sash's strength by a factor of four.

When combined with Rockdoor's existing 360° aluminium reinforced inner frame and high-density, thermally efficient PU foam, the result is unparalleled security for a composite door.

The Steel Mesh reinforcing is discreetly incorporated between the door's exterior and interior surfaces, ensuring it's imperceptible to the eye but highly effective at deterring forced entry via cutting—a growing threat in today's security landscape.

3* Cylinder

All Rockdoors come equipped with an advanced locking cylinder with special purple branded Rockdoor keys that has received the prestigious TS007 3 Star rating, along with MLA Diamond Sold Secure, Secured by Design, and Kitemark certifications.

This cylinder features anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-twist, and anti-snap mechanisms, making unauthorised entry extremely challenging.

The rise in lock-snapping techniques among burglars makes the choice of cylinder critically important. The TS007 3 Star rating represents the industry's answer to the new risks posed by easily accessible lock-attack knowledge online.

A 3 Star security rating means the door either has a 1 Star cylinder bolstered by additional protective hardware or a standalone 3 Star cylinder. In Rockdoor's case, the latter is true, ensuring top-notch security straight from the factory.



In conclusion, Rockdoor offers an unparalleled level of security among composite doors.

From its robust aluminum-reinforced frame to the unique Steel Mesh option that boosts door strength fourfold, Rockdoor ensures maximum resilience against forced entry. The door also employs a state-of-the-art Rehau outer frame, which further enhances both insulation and security.

Equipped with Winkhaus locking mechanisms, the system can be upgraded to feature 4-hook setups and uses high-security TS007 3 Star rated cylinders, impervious to snapping, drilling, bumping, and picking.

Taken together, these features set Rockdoor apart as the industry leader in secure, durable, and energy-efficient composite doors.

For more in-depth information on the unbeatable security features, durability, and energy efficiency that set Rockdoor apart from other composite doors, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


In conclusion, Rockdoor's security features set the standard for what a secure composite door should be. From multi-point locking systems to reinforced structures, Rockdoor goes the extra mile to ensure your home is a fortress against any potential intruders.

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