Rockdoor S-Glaze: The Future of Door Security and Efficiency


Rockdoor S-Glaze: The Future of Door Security and Efficiency

S-Glaze technology is Rockdoor's answer to traditional glazing cassettes. This innovative feature seamlessly integrates the glass into the door, enhancing both security and energy efficiency. Read on to learn what sets S-Glaze technology apart.

What is wrong with glazing cassettes?

Traditional glazing cassettes come with a host of issues that compromise your door's performance. They are susceptible to water ingress, leading to dampness and potential damage.

Their poor sound and thermal insulation contribute to energy inefficiency. Aesthetically, these cassettes can fade and discolour over time. Most concerning is the security risk; cassettes can be pried open, providing an easy entry point for intruders.

Rockdoor thought so too which is why they came up with S-Glaze technology.

Security Benefits

S-Glaze technology effectively eliminates the security vulnerabilities often found in traditional door designs using a glazing cassette.

Unlike conventional glazing methods where cassettes can be pried open, S-Glaze seamlessly integrates the glass between two high-impact Rockdoor skins, making it impossible for burglars to access or tamper with the glass.

Additionally, the glass is backed by a strong high-density foam core, creating an impenetrable barrier. This combination of features ensures that any potential weak points for forced entry are completely eradicated.

Energy Efficiency Benefits

S-Glaze technology greatly enhances the energy efficiency of your home by eliminating the air gaps that are commonly found in traditional glazing methods.

Due to the process of encapsulating the door glass inside the door, the absence of air gaps means that heat is retained more effectively, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling, as well as improving noise insulation.

By creating an insulating barrier, S-Glaze contributes to lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment both in the winter and summer

How does S-Glaze work?

In simple terms, S-Glaze technology integrates the glass directly into the door itself, rather than adding it on as a separate piece.

During the manufacturing process, the glass is placed between two 3mm skins. These layers are then sealed tightly around the glass with high density polyurethane foam, expelling all air inside the door.

This forms a single, unified door where the glass and the door are essentially one piece. This not only makes the door more secure and energy-efficient but also eliminates issues like drafts and water seeping through.

Durability and Longevity

S-Glaze technology contributes to the overall longevity and aesthetic appeal of the door by preventing issues like fading, discolouration and failed or misted up double glazing units.

We have all seen faded composite doors and the glazing cassettes are no exception. Made from materials that differ from the door itself, glazing cassettes are more susceptible to fading due to weather exposure.

S-Glaze does away without the need for a cassette so there is nothing on a Rockdoor to fade, making it a long-lasting and visually pleasing option.


In summary, S-Glaze technology is not just an innovation; it's a revolution in the way we think about door and window glazing. Its seamless integration into our Rockdoor range ensures that you get superior thermal efficiency without compromising on security or aesthetic appeal.

If you're looking to invest in a door that offers the best in technology, safety, and design, our doors equipped with S-Glaze technology are worth your consideration

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