Rockdoor FAQ: Your Comprehensive Guide to Styles, Security, and More

Rockdoor FAQ: Your Comprehensive Guide to Styles, Security, and More

Rockdoors are UK-manufactured composite doors known for superior strength, security, and thermal efficiency. With customisable styles and colours, they offer both aesthetic appeal and top-tier safety features, making them a popular choice among homeowners.

If you're interested in elevating the security and aesthetics of your home, learn more about our Rockdoor range and find the perfect fit for you.

The purpose of this FAQ blog post is to provide comprehensive answers to common questions about Rockdoors, covering aspects like warranty, cleaning, and technical details to help homeowners make informed decisions.


How many keys do I get with a Rockdoor?

You get 3 purple branded Rockdoor keys as standard, they are easy enough to get cut at your local key cutting store, however if you require the purple branded Rockdoor keys, please speak to your supplier.

What is the thickness of a Rockdoor sash?

The Rockdoor door sash is 50mm thick.

Can I have laminated glass in my Rockdoor?

Yes, Rockdoor offer laminated glass in their doors, however you typically need clear glass internally or internally to have laminated glass.

Does Rockdoor manufacturer the Ultimate, Select & Elite range still?

No. Rockdoor ceased production of the Elite & Select range in August 2018, and the Ultimate range is just branded as Rockdoor now.

Security Features

What makes Rockdoors more secure than other composite doors?

Rockdoors have a 50mm thick sash, and are reinforced with thick aluminium that is mitred into the corners of the door perimeter where the hinges and locking mechanisms are fixed into giving incredible strength. A one-piece steel keep running the full length of the outerframe provides a secure place for the steel hooks to engage into.

What is the role of aluminum reinforcing in the door's security?

After thorough research and development, Rockdoor chose an aluminium box section which is 10mm thick at the back wall to reinforce their doors. One of the major drivers for this decision amongst others was to minimise the warping of a Rockdoor, and all Rockdoor manufactured now come with a 3mm bow guarantee.

What locking mechanisms do Rockdoors use?

Rockdoor use a multi-point locking mechanism manufactured by Winkhaus. The lock comes standard with 2-hooks (one top and one bottom) along with a centre latch and deadbolt. A 4-hook locking mechanism is an option for your Rockdoor.

How do Rockdoors protect against common break-in methods?

Using a TS007 3* Sold Secure Diamond cylinder made by ATK, Rockdoors prevent any type of tampering with the locking cylinder, prevent things like snapping, bumping drilling and picking.

A multi-point locking mechanism that is very robust along with S-Glaze technology ensures the glass cannot be tampered with and forced entry is virtually impossible.

What is S-Glaze Technology?

S-Glaze technology is Rockdoors alternative to the traditional way of installing glass units in composite doors and doing without cassettes. S-Glaze encapsulates the glass into the door, sealing it in with high density polyurethane foam, ensuring it is 100% draught proof. Other benefits are no unsightly cassettes are needed, water ingress is not an issue as well as being more energy efficient and secure.

Are there any smart security features available, like smart locks or doorbell cameras?

Rockdoor do not offer any smart security features such as fingerprint scanner, camera's or smart locks. However the Yale Conexis L1 lock can be retrofitted after installation although we do not recommend it.

How does the steel mesh option add to the door’s security?

The steel mesh option for your Rockdoor works much the same way steel is used to reinforce steel. The steel mesh reinforces the core of the Rockdoor and greatly reduces cut-through, making it almost impossible.

What are some customer testimonials or case studies that demonstrate the door's security features?

Rockdoor made headlines back in 2004 for the article published 'door that beat the bobbies'. The local police were breaking into a house in Lancashire when they came across a Rockdoor, unknowingly of its superior strength, they failed to get past it with their battering rams and had to find another way into the property.

Energy Efficiency

What are the energy efficiency ratings for Rockdoors?

Rockdoor can reach energy ratings of an A, however this will depend on the glass design chosen for your Rockdoor, typically a clear backing glass offers marginally better energy ratings. These can drop down to a D rating on some configurations which sounds bad but is still very good.

How do they contribute to reduced energy bills?

With a Rockdoor, they are engineered to keep the outside out, and the inside in, ensure your house stays warm in the winter through minimal heat loss, and stays cool in summer by keeping the heat out. Their S-Glaze, polyurethane core and 50mm door sash all combine to achieve this.

Customisation and Styles

For an in-depth look at the glass and colours options for your Rockdoor, head over to our Rockdoor product page.

Can I have a different door colour internally and externally?

Yes, you can have any colour for the door sash externally, and any colour for the door sash internally.

Can I have a different frame colour internally and externally?

Yes, however typically it is either White / White, or Colour / White (can be reversed if opening out). You cannot have any colour externally and any colour internally for the frame, so for example Agate Grey / Irish Oak is not possible.

How many different door styles do Rockdoor offer?

Rockdoor offer 28 different door styles in their range.

How many colours does Rockdoor offer?

Rockdoor offer 13 different colours.

What can I customise on a Rockdoor?

You can choose the glass (internal and external, i.e Summit glass with Sandstone backing glass), handles, door colours internally and externally, frame colours internally and externally, numerals, letterplates, knockers and more.

Are there accessibility options like low thresholds?

Yes Rockdoor offer a low aluminium threshold which is just 15mm, please refer to the technical manual for more information.

Are there pet-friendly options, like a dog or cat flap?

Yes, Rockdoor offers cat flap and dog flap options, however not all Rockdoor styles can be fitted with these.

Installation & Maintenance

How long does it take to install a Rockdoor?

Installing a Rockdoor properly is very important and cannot be rushed. There is no fixed answer for this as there are so many variables, however, it typically takes around 4 to 7 hours to install a Rockdoor.

Can I install a Rockdoor myself?

You can, however we strongly recommend to get an experienced fitter who not only has years worth of experience fitting composite doors, but also has fitted a few hundred Rockdoors so they know exactly how to set them up and adjust them for perfect operation.

How can I maintain the appearance of my Rockdoor?

To clean your Rockdoor, use a damp cloth to wipe the door and the frame, we recommend to hoover the threshold and cill once every couple of months too.

How can I touch up the paint or finish on my Rockdoor?

There are special pens made by Konig that will be a perfect colour match to touch up your door or frame.

What cleaning products are safe to use on my Rockdoor?

We recommend using nothing more than warm soapy water to clean your Rockdoor sash, frame, cill and threshold.

Do I need to lubricate the hinges and locks? If so, how often?

Typically this is not required, however should you feel the need to, we recommend Lithium 3-in-1 white grease to spray onto the hooks. Do not spray anything into the cylinder.

Can I repaint or refinish my Rockdoor, and if so, how?

We do not recommend you to paint your Rockdoor sash or frame. This will void your guarantee.

Warranty and Guarantees

Who is the guarantee with for my Rockdoor?

The guarantee for your Rockdoor lies with the supplier of the Rockdoor.

What is the standard warranty period for a Rockdoor?

The standard warranty on a Rockdoor is actually split up into 3 different timeframes for different parts. Some parts are guaranteed for 2-years, some for 5-years and others for 10-years.

What does the warranty cover?

10-year guarantee for the door sash, outerframe profile and the door glass

5-year guarantee for the sideframe profile and the sideframe glass

5-year guarantee for the locking mechanism

2-year guarantee for all door furniture

£2,000 lock snapping guarantee. Terms apply

How do I make a warranty claim?

To make a warranty claim on your Rockdoor, you will need to contact your supplier with photographic evidence and the serial number of your Rockdoor.


We hope this FAQ page has been helpful in addressing your questions and concerns about Rockdoor. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about securing your home with a high-quality composite door.

If you still have queries or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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