Rockdoor Security

Rockdoor are the most secure composite doors on the market. They combine the latest technologies into one to create a composite door that even the police cant get through. The main reason they are so secure is that these composite doors are made to measure. It starts with the inner frame of the door, this is made up of carbon fibre. Most composite door manufacturers buy door slabs and machine them down to get the desired size, so the strength gets compromised. With a Rockdoor, every door, no matter the width or height, has a custom inner frame of carbon fibre running all the way around the door slab. This provides great strength for essential fixing points such as locks and hinges. Next is the German engineered multi-point locking. These are made exclusively for Rockdoor by Winkhaus. A standard Rockdoor comes with 2 hooks, one at the top and one at the bottom, as well as a shoot bolt. They can be upgraded to 3 or even 4 hooks. Each hook is made from a combination of brass and steel for the highest strength. The cylinders Rockdoor use are the best available, they are 3-star cylinders made by Avocet, S-Glaze technology further improves upon the security. S-Glaze advantages are that security is increased as its impossible to get the glass out and the thermal eficiency is increased. 3mm high impact internal and external skins help protect your door from scratches and damage, but also add to the strength as they are very strong. The core of the Rockdoor is filled with an extremely high density foam. A composite Rockdoor is so secure that even the police can’t get through them and the firemen need special training with Rockdoor to gain entry. Read more about the Rockdoor Security here and here.

Rockdoor Thermal Efficiency

Like the security, Rockdoor also top other composite doors greatly in thermal efficiency. The door slab is 50mm thick and all glass is argon-filled and double glazed. The glass is soft coated for increased thermal efficiency. When Rockdoor combines this with their S-Glaze technology and the carbon fibre inner frame, a lot of Rockdoors achieve an A++ energy rating, the best any composite door can be. Read more about Rockdoors thermal efficiency here.

Rockdoor S-Glaze Technology

S-Glaze is Rockdoors own process and technology for encapsulating the glass directly inside the door during production, where most composite doors have a glazing cassette, which means the glass can be removed, Rockdoor does not use this method. This maximises security and the thermal efficiency is increased massively as the glass is locked into the door air tight so there is no air between the composite door or the outside.

Rockdoor Customisation

Rockdoor feature a wide range of customisation. A Rockdoor can come in 13 different colours, and 9 of them can have colour matching frames too. Each Rockdoor skin features Heat Shield Technology and has a very real-like woodgrain texture. You can mix and match internal and external door colours so you can be sure there will be a specification for you. Rockdoors feature 5 different furniture colours, Black, Gold, Satin Chrome (Graphite), Polished Chrome and a Stainless Steel bar handle with Satin matching furniture.

Rockdoor Sound Proofing

You can tell how well insulated and efficient a Rockdoor is by how quiet it gets when closing the Rockdoor. We have fitted roughly 950 of these composite doors and still to this day we get amazed by how a Rockdoor makes outside noise become so quiet. As most composite doors use a glazing cassette, they are not properly sealed like a Rockdoor is, and is one of the reasons they will never achieve the A++ energy rating a Rockdoor can achieve. Everything in this door from the inner frame, brilliant hinges for adjustable compression, and Rockdoors S-Glaze technology combined makes this door sound proof outside noise by a big margin. If you live on a noisy road then this composite door is perfect for you.


Rockdoor Arcacia Plain Glass in White

From £995 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Carolina Plain Glass in White

From £995 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Classic Plain Glass in White

From £1,095 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Colonial in White

From £995 including VAT and installation

Cottage Spy View

Rockdoor Cottage Spy View Plain Glass in White

From £995 including VAT and installation

Cottage View

Rockdoor Cottage View Light Plain Glass in White

From £995 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Dakota in White

From £995 including VAT and installation

English Cottage

Rockdoor English Cottage Plain Glass in White

From £995 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Georgia Plain Glass in White

From £960 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Illinois Plain Glass in White

From £995 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Indiana in White

From £995 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Jacobean Plain Glass in White

From £995 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Kentucky Plain Glass in White

From £995 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Montana Plain Glas in White

From £995 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Newark Plain Glass in White

From £1,095 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Portland Plain Glass in White

From £995 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Regency Plain Glass in White

From £995 including VAT and installation

Stable Diamond

Rockdoor Stable diamond

From £1,100 including VAT and installation

Stable Spy View

Rockdoor Stable Spy View Plain Glass in White

From £1,100 including VAT and installation

Stable View Light

Rockdoor Stable View Light Plain Glass in White

From £1,100 including VAT and installation


Tennessee Plain Glass in White

From £995 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor T&G5

From £970 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Vault

From £1,100 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Virginia

From £1,020 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Vermont Plain Glass in White

From £995 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Vogue Plain Glass in White

From £1,050 including VAT and installation


Rockdoor Windsor Plain Glass in White

From £995 including VAT and installation

Why we chose Rockdoor Composite Doors

Having fit about eight different types of composite doors over five years from various manufacturers, the one door that always impressed was a Rockdoor. Every Rockdoor we receive is packaged properly so there is little chance of it being received damaged which is very important as to keep dates and arrangements to plan to avoid re-scheduling.

More importantly though is the quality of a Rockdoor itself. All the components that go into making a Rockdoor are of the best quality available and the finish for handles and letterboxes look like they belong in a jewellers glass case rather than on a Rockdoor. The finish of a Rockdoor face is superb. It is a very hard wearing compressed uPVC finish that is very resistant to scratches meaning that a Rockdoor will look good for the years to come.

When choosing a Rockdoor over other door suppliers I went back to the ones we had installed and was pleasantly surprised at just how well they looked having been fitted up to 4 years previous. To be honest the Rockdoors looked just as good as they did the day they were installed and having spoke to various customers it was evident that they were still highly delighted with their Rockdoor years later. As an installer, once you have fitted a Rockdoor for someone you seldom see that person again unless you are called to either adjust a Rockdoor or do extra work. The last thing you want as an installer or a customer is a product that creates problems down the line.

All the security features ever needed for a Rockdoor are available to choose from but it’s the inner strength that set it apart from the rest. Many door makers buy standard sized door slabs and reduce the door height and width to get the desired size by machines it down smaller. This reduction of width and height means that the door is not as strong as it should be and doesnt have a solid inner frame inside the door sash like a Rockdoor has. Rockdoors are made from scratch meaning that every Rockdoor has the same sized internal frame as every other Rockdoor meaning that the strength of the inner frame is never compromised or reduced in any way. The new Ultimate range is so advanced that it has state of the art carbon fibre built into the inner frame of the door making it the strongest composite on the market of it’s kind.

Many composite doors are light weight in construction. Having had the door slab reduced to get the height and width required the majority of the door is then just condensed foam with a door skin either side. Compared like for like (solid door with no glass in) I would estimate that a Rockdoor is at least 30% heavier than other composite doors I have handled. As a customer you wouldn’t be aware of the weight as the rockdoor is usually on hinges and fitted before you get a feel of the door so you never get to feel the full weight of the door. Talking of hinges, Rockdoors use the traditional butt hinge with 3D adjustment. Hinges are crucial to the door and you need a hinge that can not only take the weight of a Rockdoor but can also stay in adjustment.

One other thing worth mentioning is the way glass is installed in a standard composite door. Nearly all manufacturers use a system called a glazing cassette. I personally think they are a liability as they reduce thermal and noise insulation. I remember fitting a door for a company where the customer complained that the composite door was noisy around the glass and asked if anything could anything be done to improve the situation. I was sent back to take out the glazing cassette and apply a sound deadening material around the glass and was shocked not only to see just how easily a glazing cassette could be removed but the gap around the glass itself which basically lets cold air from the outside through to the inner face of the composite door. That puts me off 90% of composite doors for that reason alone. The only door not to use this system that I know of was a Rockdoor because the glass is built into the door itself when it is being manufactured which makes it air tight.

Reading the above makes it seem like a Rockdoor is the only door you that should have fitted to your home. It isn’t. The above description is about why I chose Rockdoors. There are numerous suppliers offering composite doors that I could have gone with that are cheaper than a Rockdoor but at the end of the day I have gone for quality over quantity so if your budget does allow, then a Rockdoor should be top of your list and because we have very low overheads we don't need to charge inflated prices like a lot of big companies out there.

Thanks for looking and reading.