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Prices include VAT, fitting, disposal of old door and a 10 year guarantee.

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I want to design my own Stable Rockdoor

Stable Doors   

Fitting a Rockdoor Composite Stable door is a great way to provide fresh air into a room whilst keeping children and pets securely in and mice out!! Great in a smallish room lacking many windows and I fit quite a few of these Stable Rockdoors for people who don’t have much cooking extraction also. Great at the rear or side of the house. The Rockdoor stable is still a very secure door.

All prices include vat, installation, a building certificate and disposal of old door

From £1035 inc. vat and installation

From £1035 inc. vat and installation

From £1035 inc. vat and installation

The Stable door comes in two halves. The top and the bottom. Both halves have two hinges and so they can operate independently from each other when required. When the top and bottom parts are bolted together the door becomes “one” and operates just like any normal Rockdoor would.

Let’s say the door is fully locked and you just want to open the top half of the door. You just unlock the top part of the door, lift up the bolt that connects the top and bottom halves together and then open the door with the handle as you normally would but only the top half opens whilst the bottom half is still locked until you need to unlock it.

To then open the door fully you just close the top part of the Stable door and bolt the two halves of the stable door back together. Once it is bolted back together you then undo the lock that was securing the bottom half of the door and open as a full door using the handle. You can also get the Rockdoor composite stable door to open outwards as well if required.

There are four different styles of stable doors made by rockdoor. Three of them have glass (see above) and there is a fourth style that is solid and has no glass at all which is not shown. When the stable doors are bolted together they are completely sealed across the joint using a clever jointing seal that keeps out draughts and rain and the door is just as secure as a standard Rockdoor.



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