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Prices include VAT, fitting, disposal of old door and a 10 year guarantee.

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 enquiries@verysecuredoors.co.uk           0800 690 6870                  View over 500 installations HERE

uPVC door that had been broken into Panel secured by 2 pieces of wood Rockdoor Diamond stable door fitted

Customer from Rotherham had their uPVC door panel kicked through whilst they were in. Having been shocked just how easily the panel came out they were actually scared to leave the house empty.

I see about 2 doors a month where the door panel has been kicked through an the 2 familiar pieces of wood screwed across the panel from the inside to secure the panel. Having gone through this situation most customers do not want another UPVC door fitting ever again.

After a bit of research they found out about Rockdoors and contacted us.

We sent them a design of the door with an exact costing for the door and left it at that. They then called to say they would like a survey. Having had the survey they then confirmed the order and a new Rockdoor Stable Diamond was fitted.

Having had the side door replaced with a Rockdoor they decided that it would be best to get the uPVC French doors replaced with Rockdoor French Doors.

uPVC frenchdoors about to come out Secured by Design French Doors fitted

The French Rockdoors were fitted for the above customer who has suffered a recent attempted break in. They were worried about their existing uPVC French Doors being  compromised they decided that they only thing they could do to remove the worry of another breakin was to have the old doors replaced with some Composite French Rockdoors. These French Composite doors are Secured by Design as standard.

This is a Rockdoor Newark in Onyx  Black fitted in Beeston Nottingham on a newly built porch. The customer seemed very pleased with the result.

design sent to customer for the stable door Old door about to come out Stable Diamond Rockdoor fitted

Rockdoor Stable Diamond with a Light Oak slab in a white frame fitted in Chesterfield

rockdoor design sent to customer existing door & sidelight about to be removed Jacobean White Diamond fitted

Rockdoor Jacobean Ultimate with White Diamond glass  and sidelight fitted in Cannock

Original door since the house was built Ultimate Vogue with Cube glass in Irish Oak

Customer from Rugby wanted a Vogue door with cube glass to match the colour of the wood on their new canopy. They also wanted to keep the original side light and just change the glass in it to misted to match the new Rockdoor so we managed to change the door, keep the side light and put new glass in it which helped keep the costs down.

two Rockdoors about to be fitted 2 Ruby Red English Cottage doors fitted

Two matching English Cottage doors fitted in Trowell, Notts. The one with the letterbox is the front door. This house was over 200 years old and at one time it was used as a Post Office. The door with the letterbox was a very challenging installation as the wall ran out by 2 inches on the vertical down its length. Not a problem for Andy though!

Andy - helps me with 2 door installations